Armata's vision is to empower customers with leading cyber essentials and advanced cyber defence services, ensuring their resilience against evolving cyber risks.

Cyber Intelligent Solutions

Armata exists to bring Cyber Security to all people – from home users and SMBs to large enterprises. We believe all users have the right to an affordable yet effective Cyber Security solution. Armata aims to give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business while we focus on your security.

Products and Services

Our smart technological tactics and systems defend you against even the most stealthy intruders


Armata delivers intelligent cyber security solutions

Our holistic approach to Cyber Security means Armata has the services to advise the client how best to protect their data and what the best practices are for their industry. Our knowledge and expertise make us the first point of contact for customers cyber security needs and makes us your trusted advisor.

The Latest From Armata

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