Our Directors

We see beyond and identify, evolve and amplify dynamic businesses that can change the world. 

Tech-inspired and future-focused, we are a holding company that harnesses the power of innovative technology and human intuition.

We pride ourselves on technical expertise, innovation and the delivery of exceptional quality. Each brand within the Vivica portfolio can be considered a leading innovator within its respective industry, taking full responsibility for all implemented technology and systems. From concept to installation, we pride ourselves on direct service, consistent excellence and an unparalleled ability to exceed expectations. 

At Vivica, we gear ourselves for tomorrow by innovating today, and our philosophy of excellence permeates all levels of our brand identity. 

Paul Botha


Jacques du Toit

Chief Executive Officer

Gert Koen

Chief Financial Officer

Abraham van der Merwe

Chief Strategy Officer

Grant Howarth

Non-Executive Director

Sherwin Jagarnath

Non-Executive Director

Zaheer Abdulla

Non-Executive Director

Robin Braithwaite

Independent Non-Executive Director