HYPA is a Proudly South African ISP who specialises in connecting home and lives across South Africa. Using future proof fibre and voice technology and partnering with established South African Network Operators, Hypa aims to develop economies that were previously underserved and enabling South Africans to be able to connect to the rest of the world.

Pre-Paid Internet

Hypa introduces the concept of pre-paid connectivity which includes fibre internet and voice services at affordable prices with a variety of packages, line speeds and bundles to choose from. Hypa’s friendly sales teams located across South Africa ensure customers get the assistance the require upon signing up without any of the admin. Our qualified engineers ensure customers are offered support for any technical queries. Hypa’s user friendly online buying platform and flexible prepaid payment options ensures customers can engage and connect seamlessly.

An Introduction To HYPA

Enjoy the benefits of Fibre Internet and Voice services without the stress of affordability

Fibre Services

Hypa offers internet services which is run over Fibre. Hypa has partnered with multiple established South African Fibre Network Operators to ensure coverage across South Africa. All packages include a variety of line speeds, multiple payment methods as well as unlimited data.

Voice Services

Sold as a standalone or part of a Hypa fibre bundle, Bela is a mobile application which allows you to make and receive calls using the Hypa network as well as video call and text all from one app.

Superior Customer Care

Hypa cares for you by supporting you. Hypa has dedicated qualified engineers that work 365 days a year from 07:00-22:00 and dedicated customer care agents that ensure customers get the assistance they require. Hypa has a variety of communication platforms that customers can contact our support and customer care teams on such as telephonic calls, emails, and WhatsApp.


Hypa has a dedicated Sales force located across South Africa. By having sales teams on the ground, customers encounter a seamless sign-up process with none of the admin.

Supporting Communities

Hypa, driven by its core value of uplifting the South African community through technology, partners with Vumatel to provide free 1Gbps fiber with unlimited data to schools in fiber-covered areas. Other Hypa and Vumatel initiatives include Pad Drives to boost girls' school attendance, the GoGoGo program empowering grandmothers with ICT skills.


Fast and Affordable Prepaid Wi-Fi

The customer has the option to choose if, when and how to purchase

We’ve come to learn that the world is connected – and getting more so by the day. Sadly, in South Africa, access to this connectivity can be tricky, expensive or both.  Not only are resources limited to many, but the red tape, cost and overall logistics of attaining the highest-grade Internet resources are sadly an unattainable concept to South Africans across the board.

HYPA Unlimited Wi-Fi eradicates this issue, bringing fast, reliable and affordable Prepaid Wi-Fi to the homes of prospective users throughout SA. The prepaid option allows users to purchase their connectivity at their convenience.  Unlimited Data means no top-ups are required throughout the month – the customer has the option to choose if, when and how to purchase. 

The Latest From HYPA

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