Our Story

Vivica Holdings offers the opportunity for growth, as proven by our success, and our cross-pollination of best practices combined with our A-team entrepreneurial mindset lays the foundation for limitless growth. 

Vivica will continue to bring unparalleled value to the customers it serves, providing enviable opportunities to potential investors both locally and internationaly

Vivica’s journey first began in 1998, starting as a national Internet and voice services provider known as the DataPro Group with a little over 20 employees. In 2007, with just over 500 employees, the DataPro Group added telecommunications into the mix and rebranded as Vox Telecom, literally scaling new heights – first, up Kilimanjaro with the Exco team for the brand launch – before becoming South Africa’s leading independent telecoms operator. 

By 2020, with almost 2000 employees and several business partners, Vox moved beyond telecommunications to become a market-leading integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and infrastructure provider, achieving a R2.9-billion turnover that year.

Today, Vox forms an integral part of The Vivica Group. Vivica has seen its mature companies, including Frogfoot, Everlytic and Braintree, grow rapidly into established and trusted brands and its structure will continue to enable its disruptor brands, such as Guardian Eye, Stage Zero, HYPA, Qwerti and Armata do the same.