Can your Business Afford to NOT be Secure?

Between PoPIA, global hacks and an abundant use of the term “ransomware”, it seems like Cyber Security is the talk of the town. Let’s face it though, it’s for good reason, as a seemingly endless space of Cyber Crimes has led to numerous Data Breaches, the compromisation of personal information on an international scale and, with the […]

Understanding the Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

Given the global disruption that took place last year, it is hardly surprising that malware increased by 358% and ransomware by 435% as compared to 2019. The rapid push to digitalise and embrace work from home solutions meant companies not only had to accelerate data migration projects to the cloud but also remain cognisant of how best […]

Vivica Group announces Caesar Tonkin as new head at cybersecurity business, ARMATA

JOHANNESBURG – VIVICA Holdings has announced the appointment of seasoned cybersecurity expert Caesar Tonkin to head up its cybersecurity business ARMATA, which provides technology solutions and niche expertise needed to help local businesses better protect themselves against cyber threats.   Vivica Group is a future-focused and technology-driven company that brings well-established and powerhouse brands such […]

It’s fun to be in the… PoPIA?

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it… Truth be told, the Protection of Personal Information Act (and the feelings it evokes) can, at surface level, seem as interesting as a TED Talk by a member of congress (any member. It doesn’t matter). In truth, at first it seems like a lot of legal jargon […]

How NOT to get Hacked: A Survival Word to the ‘not so wise’.

We’d like to think we’ve come a long way from the days of chain mails, ‘forward this to ten people or suffer from bad luck for eternity, and Nigerian Prince scams. Circa 2007, it seemed like you could barely open Hotmail (yes, we’re that old) without encountering some transparent (yet surprisingly effective) means of tricking […]

Welcome to the new world of cyber risk

With more people connecting to digital platforms given the events of the past two years, breaches on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have become commonplace. Social engineering and password hacks are increasingly sophisticated with any individual or company, regardless of size, country, or industry sector, now a target. Fortunately, consumers are starting […]