Supercharge Your Customer Support with Transactional Workflows

What if we told you that a whole new dimension of customer engagement is now available thanks to transactional workflows? This novel method of message automation combines the proven triggering abilities of classic communication workflows with the high-speed, reach-all features of transactional messaging. But to understand the true potential of this technology, and what it could […]

Effortlessly Boost Your Lead Generation with Landing Pages

Imagine you could reach your boldest marketing goals without having to spend too much time or money. You can – with landing pages. Think of them as one-page extensions of your digital marketing campaigns that can generate leads swiftly and function as online conversion machines. But to be effective, they need to be simple and […]

Keep Your Clients Informed: The Power of Transactional Email & SMS

If you’re an energy solutions provider, then your services are currently in extremely high demand. That’s because South Africa’s energy sector is in a crisis, and private citizens and businesses alike are clamouring to get hold of the crucial hardware and installation services you offer. As a solutions provider, you’re fully aware of the frustrations that […]

Personalisation & Automation: The Next Iteration of a Communication Legend

Believe it or not, the history of email as a means to communicate dates back to the early seventies. Many are of the view that it wasn’t quite invented but merely evolved over time from very humble beginnings – after being borne out of necessity. Older than the Internet itself, email has stood the test […]

How Valuable is Email Marketing? 5 Key Benefits for Your Business.

The value of email marketing is indisputable. It’s the king of affordability and delivers the highest ROI of all marketing activities globally with a median of 122%. It has proved to be one of the most effective strategies available, but not all marketers use it to its full potential. Here are 5 benefits that can confirm its value […]

The Verdict on Email Attachments. Are They Good or Bad?

Being able to attach a file to an email has many benefits. But is it something that works at scale when sending to large email lists? This is our take on it. Pros of Sending Email Attachments The first benefit of being able to send attachments at scale is that email is digital. Sending documents […]