What is Fibre?

Whether you are online for entertainment or strictly for business, there is no doubt that a faster connection will improve your experience. There has been an increase in the use of Fibre in today’s world and more people are moving away from ADSL to Fibre connections. In order to fully understand what makes Fibre so […]

Fibre trends SA can expect to see in 2022

If there is anything that 2021 has taught us, it is that you cannot take anything for granted, writes Shane Chorley, head of sales and marketing at Frogfoot. The local fibre landscape is evolving rapidly: changes in home and workplace behaviour, driven by the pandemic, means that demand for quality, reliable connectivity continues to surge, […]

Who is Frogfoot? What do ISPs do?

Perhaps one of the most the frequent questions we get is, “…Aren’t you our Internet Service Provider?” So, what exactly does Frogfoot do, what does Open Access mean and what differentiates us from an Internet Service Provider? A lot, you’ll find. But we also all function together in an eco-system that ensures your fibre needs […]

Realising abundant connectivity through Open Access Fibre

Shane Chorley, Head of Sales and Marketing, Frogfoot Networks. When it comes to Fibre connectivity, the concept of an Open Access business model is here to stay. It provides the most effective way of driving competition between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) while giving customers freedom of choice at affordable rates. Under an Open Access model, […]