Community approach key to driving fibre adoption in lower income areas

By Brink van Zyl, Online Experience Consultant at Vox. With increasing numbers of businesses and individuals shifting to remote working and online learning, access to affordable and unlimited internet connectivity has become an essential rather than a luxury, risking the digital exclusion of those living in outlying areas. Key to closing this divide will be […]

HYPA brings unlimited, affordable prepaid wireless internet to local communities

Johannesburg: Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox is looking to spur fibre uptake in several previously disadvantaged communities around South Africa through the launch of its subsidiary HYPA, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which focuses on providing cost-effective unlimited wireless connectivity, enabled by fibre, to areas covered by the Vuma Reach network. South Africans from across […]

Examining the Rise of Prepaid Fibre in South Africa

Back in the day (and it really wasn’t that long ago), Prepaid meant those cool scratch cards you needed to peel off with the side of a R5 (or a house key, but you had to be careful not to remove the numbers). Today? Those awesome cards are replaced by till slips, and the term […]

Let’s talk… pre-paid Internet

Today we talk: Prepaid Internet. Is it the ultimate modern convenience, or the future bane of your existence, only rivalled by Eish-kom? Ask anyone, anywhere who’s ever tried an ISP (or simply look at the Vox Twitter), and they’ll tell you one simple truth: signing up for Connectivity is like a box of chocolates – […]