Education, and awareness are key to making every day Earth Day

While climate change often tends to be spoken of in the news, more needs to be done to educate South Africans on how it directly affects them on the ground, what simple actions they can take to reduce their impact on the environment and to bring about a mindset change that inspires others and ensures […]

Let’s talk about the Chip Shortage

Unless you’re living under a rock (or communicating via Yeastar), chances are you’ve heard about the global chip shortage that’s sweeping through the world like the wrath of Putin. When we say chip shortage, we don’t mean that Dorito’s packets are now 90% air, or that Lays is discontinuing their Salt & Vinegar range (although […]

4 trends to shape SA business in 2022

To rapidly embrace digital transformation at scale has been one of the defining business moments of the past two years. 2022 will see companies apply all they have learnt in this regard and become even more cloud forward. By doing so, business and technology leaders can maximise the potential of the following four trends to […]